Georgia HEART Tax Credit Keeps Your Dollars Local

What is the Georgia HEART rural hospital tax credit?

如果你付了乔治亚州的所得税, you are eligible to receive a 100% state income tax credit on donations to our hospital through the 乔治亚心脏医院计划. The purpose of this program is to help improve the health care in our state with a rural hospital tax credit.

This is a great way to keep your tax dollars local, while allowing us to provide the best healthcare for our community. Support 采用医疗 and help improve healthcare in our community by redirecting your tax dollars through the Georgia HEART program!

The Georgia General Assembly passed legislation that enables Georgia taxpayers receive a state income tax CREDIT for 100% of the amount they contribute to a qualified rural hospital organization (RHO) (up to the limits set forth below). 采用医疗 qualifies for this exciting program.

How much can I contribute for the rural hospital tax credit?

  • 个人申请者——最高5000美元
  • 已婚人士分开申报——最高可达5000美元
  • 已婚人士共同申请,最高可达10,000美元
  • C公司、信托或 直通实体 选择在实体层面纳税 – up to 75% of annual Georgia tax liability
  • Individual Owner of S-Corp, LLC, or Partnership (直通实体) 没有在实体层面纳税 -高达1万美元

每年6月30日以后, for so long as a portion of the $75 million annual cap on RHO tax credits is available, to offset their Georgia income tax liability, individual taxpayers may make unlimited contributions to RHOs for a corresponding 100% Georgia income tax credit.

Credits are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so act fast! All of the information and forms are on the 乔治亚心脏医院计划 网站.


Every single dollar we receive from the Georgia HEART program is invested into areas that most benefit our community.

Georgia HEART funds have been used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment in our radiology department and nuclear medicine department. 除了, we used HEART funds to upgrade to the new MEDITECH Expanse Electronic Health Record platform. 采用医疗 is excited about making this investment ($165,035 from Georgia HEART) in the health of their community and providing a more user-friendly and intuitive experience to both patients and providers. You really can make a lasting impact through the Georgia HEART program!